Dear Audience,

MetaTheater takes its name from the word ‘Meta’, which means ‘to transcend,’ and the word ‘Theater,’ to symbolize ‘Theater that transcends theater.’ It is a virtual theater built to share with audiences from all over the world who love performance beyond the limits of space and time.

MetaTheater is also a term of theatrical play. It is a metaphor that life itself is a play beyond the boundaries of life and theater. At the time when our freedom is being strictly controlled & apprehended in light of the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, MetaTheater dreams of becoming a portable theater in your hand that can be entered from subways in Japan, parks in the U.S., or taverns of Argentina.

MetaTheater is waiting for diverse works that hope to reach the global audience. We offer live streaming and VOD services, as well as video production, filming, transmission, and marketing on behalf of your company. Furthermore, by providing reading performances, we will work with you through every step of creating a spectacular performance.

MetaTheater promises to challenge itself in diverse ways to become a theater where audiences, creators, actors, and production companies who love stage can connect through their works, beyond the boundaries of time, space, language and culture.

Thank you.

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